Saturday, July 13, 2013

Frugal Kitchen Remodel-Post #1

Frugal Kitchen Remodel
So, Jason has been a busy, busy man!

I went away with the kids to visit family for the past few weeks.  He decided to "flip our kitchen and living room" while I was away.

I will go into all the details at a later time, but he painted the above cabinets that he got free from a friend who is also remodeling their kitchen.  My dream is to eventually to paint all the wood panelling in the hopes of it one day looking like a Tuscany farm kitchen.  We still have to add back splashes.  (Not to mention me reorganizing items as I cook/use this new space.)

The sink and counter are from Ikea, then he found a similar faucet to what I liked via the web.
  The white dishwasher came with the house when we bought it.

Frugal kitchen-looking towards our fireplace
 The table in the left hand corner (by the door) was free from a local church.  The pine cabinets sitting on it for storage are being reused from our old kitchen.  The bench I got for $10 from The Urban Mission Thrift Store.  The table (which has leaves that extend/tuck underneath it) and chair we bought at a local antiques store a couple of years ago.  The top needs to have new veneer added, but that's a project for another day (or year).

Frugal kitchen remodel-looking towards the "new living room"
The white cupboard is actually a very light blue.  We bought this piece (along with the phone table you can see just past it in the door way to our now living room) at a garage sale six years ago when moved into the house.  We scored them along with a matching third piece for around $75 or so.  Right now he still has the kids small toy cubby in front of some more of our old pine cabinets.  He decided not to paint anymore cabinets until I came home and we decided what to do with them.  I will probably paint the walls before I decide whether I want to leave the cabinets as is or paint them either blue or white to match the sink cabinets.

So, while I haven't been able to post any Hopedale Market updates, it's just because we've been busy....Jason said that the only reason he has survived our extended time away from him (without getting the blues) is because he's had this massive project to focus on.

It will be nice to have a bigger space for entertaining when we have company over.  It will also be nice to have a "cosier" space as our "new" living room.  (Not to mention that in the long run this should help with our heating bills.)  Jason still has to hook the cook stove/heat stoves back up, but technically he has until October barring anymore massive power outtages.

For those heading out to the Hopedale Market, Jason should be there with homemade biscotti and coffee.  (Due to all the rain, we still have nothing coming out of our garden to sell.)

Wishing you the sweetness of home (there's nothing like sleeping in your own bed with you own pillow!), 


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  1. Looks awesome! Can't wait for a real live tour :)

  2. Hello, Stephanie. What's the update on your kitchen renovation? It seems that you're so busy with this home project because you didn't have a lot of posts in your blog for the past month. Are you done with the renovation? I'm confident that even if you have a tight budget, you’ll still end up with a wonderful result. Share us some pics, please! :)

    Herb Koguchi @ Kroll Construction

  3. Remodeling is one way to give one's house a new look. It can be cheap with simply reassigning the furniture or by painting the walls. But what's even greater about remodeling your home, especially if you're not the original owner of it is that you get to incorporate your personality and lifestyle of your family with the designs. You can make your house more homey and comfortable through this. I hope you'd update us about the developments on this project soon and probably share some frugal tips too! Good luck!
    Chase @ G.M. Roth

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  5. Thanks everyone for all your comments!! I have finally made an update about our kitchen remodel. You can find it here:

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  8. Finally posted a third update on the kitchen. It's just curtains and a bench redo.

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