Friday, November 11, 2011

Jason's First Post: 30 Things to Have in an Emergency Kit

Hi everyone!  Sorry on the lack of posts lately.  We were working hard to get the grandmother's house complete for them to move in, but ran into brick wall after brick wall in delays.  We ended moving them into our bedroom suite temporarily while we finish their house.  We will post pictures of the grandmothers and their animals that have joined the farm family as time permits.  Please be patient with us.  We are entering the busiest eight weeks of business at our retail shipping store.  If we don't get more posted before the new year please know that we're not ignoring the blog on purpose-we are just in survival mode!

Here's a link to Jason's first on-line article published on

Jason says to "Put together your kit so you can survive any coming disasters in the sweetness of your home!"