Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring 2014 TCA Kids Consignment Sale

Wall of Books at TCA Kids Consignment Sale:)
This sight makes my heart smile!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Life has been crazy busy with all the spring activities and some "end of the school year" things beginning.

My favorite spring sale starts today:

The TCA Kids Consignment Sale begins today!!!

Baby Items

This sale has everything one could ask for:

Stroller, high chairs, car seat bases

Bags, Shoes are in the laundry baskets on right side of picture
Boys clothes lining the walls in back and to the right

Toys, Toys and More Toys
Clothes, Clothes and More Clothes
Kids Furniture is there in the back

40% of the Sales go towards the Scholarship Fund for students to attend the Tri-State Christian Academy.  So, when I am doing my "tithing shopping" I remember that if an item has been priced by a consignor for $2 then the school gets 80 cents for the item and the consignor gets $1.20.  I get great deals to provide my kids with shoes, clothes, toys, future birthday and Christmas presents and at the same time I get to help local kids get a great Christian education.  I also get to help other local families earn some money to help provide for their families.  It doesn't get more "shop local" then going to this consignment sale!

My pile of clothes for the 3 littles

I joke all the time that God was being "economical" when He blessed us with three more girls after Jessie.  At the same time though clothes and shoes do wear out especially when the kids stay skinny the way mine have.  Jessie has even put on a pair of Katie's pants as shorts this year when laundry hadn't been done.  Seriously, at age 13 she can still fit into her sister's size 6!

My littles each have their own personality and style when it comes to clothes so I try to find a few things for Anna and Libby each year to add to their "hand me down" wardrobe from Jessie and Katie.  Jessie's style is summarized as "Classical Artistic" so if any clothes survive her wearing them for several years we have the "basics" to build on for the 3 littles.

Here are some of the "new to us" clothes I bought the littles at the pre-sale shopping event for consignors this week:

Katie is "Cowgirl Romantic."  She loves soft flowing fabric, but also loves horses and cowgirl clothes.

Katie wearing pink leggings with horses

Anna is our "funky hippy" girl:

Anna wearing leopard print with a new pair of pink leggings

Libby is our "Wildstyle" child.  She finds the brightest and craziest clothes that she can find and put her outfits together.  Many times she layers skirts under her dresses.

Libby wearing a silk sun dress with pink sandals we got for $2 at the sale.

This morning we began Day 2 of new outfits:

Katie wearing new embroidered jeans with a new cowgirl shirt and vest combo.
Libby is holding a Rapunzel doll that Jessie bought for her at the sale.
The play hat and pink dress we already owned, but I have bought many costume outfits over the last six years at the sale.
Libby is again wearing the pink sandals.

Anna didn't want to wake-up for pictures, but here she is curled up on my lap wearing a new funky flannel nightgown that I bought for her:

Anna's soft reindeer flannel nightgown

So, head on out to the TCA Kids Consignment Sale!  Bring your laundry baskets and rubber made containers to hold your stuff though they have laundry baskets you can use if you forget.  Come ready to spend some serious time shopping for your families needs!

Here's Another Post I wrote about a past sale.  (Note though: The Fall Sale has been moved back to September.  So their sales are April and September every year.)

Fall Sale 2013

Disclaimer: I will make some money if you happen by chance to buy one of my few items out of the thousands of clothes, books, toys, etc at this sale.  I am not disclosing my consignment number though.  All opinions expressed in this blog post are my own-not getting paid for that or for making this blog post!  Did this on my own to rave about this awesome sale!

May you have feel the sweetness of spring,