Saturday, May 14, 2011

Be Fruitful and Multiply BLOG HOP: 10 Reasons by Sweetnessofhome

Ten Reasons to be Fruitful and Multiply

Raising (& Teaching) Little Saints Blog Hop

1. It's in the Bible: Be Fruitful and Multiply (Gen 1:28),
 Quiver Full (Psalm 127:5) and the Proverbs 31 Woman just to name a few.

2. Vocations: most vocations come from larger families-a statistical fact,
whether it is priestly, diaconate or religious life.

3.  To give your sons sisters and your daughters brothers
(or in our case still working on giving our oldest son a brother or two
before he leaves for college since he has four sisters.)

4.  To stay ahead of the Muslims: 8.1 fertility rate/family.

5.   Retirement Plan:  One of them is bound to take care of us in our old age.

6.  We cannot imagine life without all the children and are baffled by those who don't want them.

7. While each child requires more giving on our part,
they bring to our home more love,
joy and laughter then we could begin to count.

8.   Because 2.1 is a stupid number. 
As of 2008 the US averages 1.8 kids/family and only reaches 2.1
because of Latino immigration.
(See above youtube link listed in #4!)

9.  "We should make love recklessly... The enemy isn't reproducing!"
Take that culture of death! 
(Plus they are just so much fun to make.)
(The above quote is from a Franciscan Univ. of Steubenville professor.)

10.  Because the Sweetness of Home is just not as sweet without them.


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  5. Hi Jenny! Just stopped by your blog and signed up! Thanks for joining my blog!:) God's blessings to you and your family!


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